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Tips for Tenants

Moving On

Whether you’ve decided to buy your own home, are moving location or have decided to move in with a friend or partner, use our guide to moving on and make the experience as stress-free as possible.

The first thing you must do when you’ve decided to move out is give the landlord written notice for the length stated in the tenancy agreement. This is usually four weeks but check your agreement before giving notice.

During your notice period take the time to sort out your belongings, throw away items you no longer want or take old clothes, etc, to a local charity shop. In addition to this collect boxes, tape and rope, which will be vital when it comes to the move.

You must also inform the phone, gas, water and electricity companies of your leaving date and arrange disconnection or for the bills to be transferred back into the landlord’s name. On the day you move out remember to take final meter reading for the gas and electricity and inform the suppliers of these as soon as possible so your final bill can be processed.

If you have paid a deposit, you will need to arrange a suitable time either on the day you move out or just before or after, for the landlord to check that, beyond reasonable wear and tear, no damage has been caused to the property, fixtures or fittings. Once this has been done your landlord should return your full deposit.

Finally, arrange removal transport in advance and don’t forget to send out change of address cards so your friends and family will know where to find you!

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