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If you are looking for a house, flat or apartment to rent then you’ll want to contact either a letting agent or a private landlord, depending on what sort of lease and home you want.

The main difference between a letting agent and a private landlord is that a letting agent is specially trained for dealing with tenants and acts on behalf of a number of landlords, while if you choose to rent from a private landlord you will deal directly with them. There are obviously pros and cons to both these renting options, which you can read more about by clicking on the sections below.

In most towns in the UK you will find a number of letting agents or estate agents, who have a branch dedicated to rental properties. If you look in local newspapers too you may see properties from local UK letting agents but you will also find an array of private landlords offering their homes for rent in the properties to let section, so whichever option you choose, you will have plenty of choice.

Make sure you read our information guides to letting agents and private landlords before making you decision, and once you have chosen which to go with you will find a selection of private landlords and letting agents in our online directory.

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