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Tips for Landlords

Advertising Your Properties

The best way to find the right tenant for your rental property is to advertise the house to rent in a local newspaper, on a website or even in the window of a local shop!

This will attract interest from a number of prospective tenants who will then view the property, providing you with an opportunity to meet them, as well as help you decide which will make the most suitable tenants for your house.

Advertising a property to rent also has other benefits, including providing you with the opportunity to attract only specific types of tenants to your rental property by putting certain criteria in the advert, such as ‘must be a professional’ or ‘students only’.

Depending on the type of tenant you want to attract there are a number of different places to advertise your property, such as a student newspaper or student union notice board if you’re renting a student house, or the local newspaper if you want to rent to professionals, couples or families.

These days more and more landlords and letting agents are choosing to advertise their properties to let online, and there are many advantages to this. The main benefit of advertising properties to let online is that the Internet attracts a wider audience than a local newspaper or notice board, and your property can be seen by people planning to move to the area as well as those already living there.

If you are interested in advertising properties to let online then why not consider placing an advert on this website. For more information about advertising on or for a price guide, fill in a contact form by clicking here.  


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