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...your comprehensive guide to renting property in the UK. Whether you’re looking for a flat on a short-term lease or a house to make into a home, you’ll find all the advice, tips, contact and information you’ll need right here.

As the UK property boom continues, more and more people are choosing to rent a home instead of buying because house prices are too expensive in many areas, particularly for first time buyers.

However, like buying a house, renting can also be a risky business and that is why it’s vital you do your homework before signing any tenancy agreement. The pages on this website offer advice to prospective tenants about what problems to look for while house hunting, your tenancy rights, and important questions to ask your landlord.

There’s also information about rental costs, letting agents, and private landlords, while for landlords there are details about insurance, buy to let mortgages, types of tenants and the benefits of advertising your property online.

Our online directory has listings for hundreds of letting agents across the UK, along with details about private landlords, so you can start looking for your dream home today!

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